Glenn Cooper, Jr. 9/17/41–8/22/15 was an avid outdoor enthusiast and whether he was hunting or fishing, Glenn made it an exciting trip.  Glenn was also one of the most compassionate and giving of people you could ever meet.  Glenn was known for helping out those in need when no one else would.  He was a great asset to Bay county and someone who enjoyed the Gulf of Mexico and fishing on it as much as anyone.

Glenn “Bubba” Cooper, III 4/1/65–12/22/11, was the son of Glenn and Sylvia Cooper.  Bubba, like his father, loved all things outdoors.  Bubba  was truly a pioneer in the artificial reef industry for Bay County.  Bubba was the founder of “Bubba’s Bottom Builders, Inc” a Florida corporation dedicated to making artificial reefs.  No one knows how many artificial reefs Bubba made but they are still being fished and dove today by many people in the area.  Bubba was one of the first people to start using chicken coops as reefs.  They were simple, cost effective, not harmful to the environment, and produced thousands of pounds of fish in record time.  The reefs Bubba made are part of what inspired BCARA to be formed.

If you or someone you know either fished with Bubba or his father Glenn, or one of Bubba’s reefs, we encourage you to make a donation to continue the Cooper legacy of improving fishing and diving for Bay county.  Also, please share any pictures or memories you may have of Glenn and Bubba.  We would like to hear about them.

Photos of Glenn and Bubba Cooper

Thank you to Eastern Shipbuilding for helping us get the barge for the Cooper Reef.


Clayton R. Syfrett, Esq.

BCARA Board of Directors

President-Clayton R. Syfrett
Vice President-Pam Anderson
Treasurer-Grover Davis
Ken Anderson
Allen Golden
Mark Kelly
Jerry McClendon
Bob Zales
Pat Green
Thomas Putnam
Michael Zinser
Frank Mancinelli
Ricky Snellgrove

Mission Statement

The object and purpose this corporation is education and preservation and the corporation and its assets are hereby dedicated to the furtherance of these purposes. The general nature and purpose of the corporation is to organize and facilitate the creation of artificial reefs/fish habitats in the waters in and around Bay County, specifically the Gulf of Mexico and Bay areas; the promulgation and preservation of species of aquatic life which is natural in the gulf and Bay waters of Bay County; to sponsor and conduct educational classes, forums, and instructions relating to aquatic sea life involving, but not limited to providing dignitaries; to assemble appropriate records, information, educational exhibits, pictures, and other paraphernalia pertaining to gulf waters marine life to enhance public participation in viewing, diving, fishing, photographing and studying marine life and to protect the marine environment and without limits to as to the generality of the foregoing to lease and by gift, devise or purchase, to own and operate property for such purposes and to solicit donation and to accept money or personal property in aid of such purpose and to maintain the same. Since the assets of the corporation, whether now owned or hereafter acquired, are dedicate to the aforesaid purposes, this corporation, upon dissolution, if any, will provide for the orderly distribution of its assets, no to the member hereof, but only to such other religious, charitable or educational organization or corporation as may be designated by the Board of Directors, which such religious, charitable or educational corporation or organizations shall be exempt from federal income tax under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of the United States, as hereinafter amended.

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