While the general nature and purpose of the Bay County Artificial Reef Association (BCARA) is to protect the marine environment, the organization’s specific objectives aim to:

  • Organize and facilitate the creation of artificial reefs and/or fish habitats in the waters in and around Bay County, specifically the Gulf of Mexico and Bay areas 
  • Promulgate and preserve the species of aquatic life natural to the gulf and bay waters of Bay County
  • Sponsor and conduct educational classes, forums, and instructions relating to aquatic sea life; including the provision of dignitaries 
  • Assemble appropriate records, information, educational exhibits, pictures, and other paraphernalia pertaining to gulf waters marine life to enhance public participation in viewing, diving, fishing, photographing and studying marine life
  • Lease and/or own property, by gift, devise or purchase, and operate property for such purposes
  • Solicit donation and accept money or personal property in aid of such purpose and to maintain the same